Thursday, April 14, 2016

The last debate

No surprises in Brooklyn.  Hillary Clinton is very very good at telling people what they want to hear.  Earlier in the day I happened to look at a clip from her AIPAC speech in which she voiced unconditional support for Benjamin Netanyahu's right wing government in Israel.  It was a chilling performance and a convincing one.  It calls into doubt her sincerity in admitting to having made a mistake in supporting Bush's war in Iraq.  Would she really pursue such a partisan policy regarding the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, or would she be more pragmatic once in office.  How can we know?

I don't have those kind of reservations about Bernie Sanders.  I don't agree with him on all the issues, but  I feel I know where he stands on questions of foreign policy, health care, education, income inequality, prison reform, campaign finance reform, and climate change.  There is likely a slim chance that he will prevail in the New York primary, or that he will achieve the presidency.  If he does overcome the odds and make it to the oval office, I have no doubts that he will continue to advocate those positions he has staked out in the campaign.

I don't  know what Hillary will do in office.  Many people are inclined to support her because they feel she will not do anything stupid in regard to issues of Supreme Court nominations or women's rights.  That is probably correct.  But what about relations with Russia?  What about pursuing a deeper involvement in conflicts in the Middle East?  How would she deal with nuclear armaments issues?  Will she support meaningful change in regard to income and wealth inequality?  Will she move the country into a position of leadership to combat climate change?  I don't think anyone can supply sound answers to those questions, and I don't think Clinton is really any more predictable across the board than Donald Trump.  I am having a debate with myself right now as to whether I could cast a vote for Clinton if she is the nominee.

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