Thursday, March 10, 2016

What now?

The Miami Democratic debate may be the last in this campaign cycle.  Most people, including the candidates will be relieved that part is over.  This last debate mostly showed again that it is a format which offers very little in the way of substance about policy.  The candidates jabbed at each other like a couple of tired boxers trying to worsen wounds opened earlier in the match.

The host questioners seemed mostly concerned with drawing attention to themselves by posing as advocates for Florida's immigrant communities.  Jorge Ramos badgered Clinton into making a promise not to deport immigrant children.  It was obviously a promise that she would be unable to keep, and it was posed primarily it seemed to give Ramos the opportunity to throw it in her face some time down the road if and when she makes it to the White House.

Clinton tried to associate Sanders with border-roaming bands of vigilante thugs.  It was stupid and disgraceful.  She continued to defend her acceptance of  massive Wall Street backing with the lame assertion that it is ok because Obama did it too.

Sanders was briefly challenged with a bit of video harking back to Cold War politics.  He mostly stayed on message and kept the focus on current issues like Puerto Rican bankruptsy, Central American immigration driven by crime and poverty, and normalization of relations with Cuba.

What all of this means in regard to the upcoming primary in Florida is hard to say.

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