Thursday, December 3, 2015

Two Views of the Education Dilemma

Free Tuition Is Not the Answer
By Catharine Hill

Bernie Sanders’s ‘College for All’ Plan Is Fair, Smart and Achievable
By Heather Gautney and Adolph Reed Jr.

Catherine Hill's essay is an op-ed that appeared in the NY Times on Nov. 30th.  In my opinion Hill's presentation is deceitful and dishonest in that it presents a straw man argument which misrepresents Sanders' proposals for educational reform.  Though she does not admit her partisanship, Hill is clearly making a case for support  of the Clinton candidacy under the banner of the NY Times, and she is basing it on Hillary's line in the last debate about providing Trump's children with a tuition-free education at tax-payer expense.  The problem with that concept, as I pointed out in the previous post, is that it conveniently ignores the fact the American middle class is already paying for the one-percent's access to higher education along with all the other perks granted to them by a money-corrupted political/economic system.

The article by Bautney and Reed which appeared in The Nation places the Sanders education proposals in their proper political and economic context and demonstrates that "Sanders’s College for All offers a way out of a corrupt system that ensnares masses of young people in the prison of debt..."

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