Tuesday, February 21, 2012

the weather

As this wunderground screen shows, the week is looking good for those of us who get around on two wheels.

Much of the south is enjoying this same mild winter.  The graphic is also a reminder of not just seasonal oscillations, but also the day-to-night extremes that desert dwellers must accommodate.  With nearly a 40 deg. difference in night-time lows and day-time highs, the sun has to be well up in the sky before I can develop some enthusiasm for getting out on my bike.  

Of course, if the upward warm trend persists into the summer, then some of us will likely develop a different attitude toward the way things are headed.  I'm thinking particularly of the all those unfortunate small towns over in Perryland that are about to run out of water.  There is likely to come a point this summer when turning on the tap produces only a sucking sound.  That, presumably, will be followed by the rumble of Harley heading out of town.

The Wunderground site is a great alternative to the histrionics of the local tv weather clown.  Farhad Manjoo explains the excellent predictions produced by this on line weather resource in an article at Slate.com.

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