Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Well, this is actually a post about politics.  I know, I know; you're sick of the subject.  But, hey, we've got to find a way to evict that squatter from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, and I did give you a nice cat picture.

The first step is to find reliable information sources about local politics.  So, here is my short list:

The New Mexico Legislature Web Site:
Info on current bills, legislators, and web casts of the sessions.

On line news about what's going on in Santa Fe and around the State.

New Mexico in Depth:
Trip Jennings is Executive Director of this on line political news site.

The Santa Fe New Mexican:
Santa Fe's daily newspaper gets a lot closer to reality than the right-tilt Albuquerque Journal.

New Mexico Politics with Joe Monahan:
A daily dose of political gossip.  Monahan is a gun-for-hire, but he often gets the story right.

Democratic Party Town Hall Meetings:
I went to the recent one in Albuquerque at The Hotel Blue which provided a report on the beginning of the Legislative session.  Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino always does a great job as moderator.  Click the link to send a message to get the date for the end-of-session meeting.

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