Wednesday, January 18, 2017

An Opportunity

People dismayed at the coming Trump/DeVos assault on public education can fight back effectively at the local level.  School board elections are typically held separately from general elections and generate sparse interest.  Last year in Albuquerque, only 2.6% of eligible voters showed up for the election of board members for the public schools and community college.  A small voter turn-out effort could clearly have a big impact on this year's election.

Election Day for the open APS and CNM board positions is February 7th, but early voting starts today and votes can be cast at any of the early voting locations around the city.  Information on candidates and early voting locations is available from the county clerk's web site.

Voters wanting to find out which APS and CNM districts their votes will apply to can also get this information interactively by filling in a form on the county clerk's site or the NM Secretary of State site.

The list of APS board candidates endorsed by the Albuquerque Teachers Federation is available at the ATFUnion Web Site.

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