Sunday, October 9, 2016

Promise and Fulfillment

Playing with my little yard sale Lumix is a good reminder about how a simple digital camera brought me back to photography on the eve of the present century.

At the time, I was looking just for a way to add some graphic interest to my web design efforts.  The limited resolution of the 1.3 megapixel images I got from my Epson digital point-and-shoot was not a significant limitation given the modest requirements of on line presentation.  What really took me by surprise, however, was the versatility of the digital camera, particularly in regard to the effortless production of extreme close-ups.  The removal of any concern about the number of exposures which might be made in a single session was also a source of encouragement to explore and develop graphic design ideas.

While the 10-megapixel Lumix is quite a lot more sophisticated than my early Epson, its viewfinder display is similarly easily defeated by bright light reflections, and the shutter lag makes capturing any kind of action highly problematic.  All of which ultimately drove me back to using manually operated film cameras -- first, my Pentax Spotmatic, and then around a hundred other film cameras.


Jim Grey said...

That does a nice job close up. Good sharpness and detail.

I gather that some more recent digital cameras have screens with some of the same technologies found in smart phones, which don't wash out as readily in the sun.

Mike said...

I've mostly satisfied my curiosity about the Lumix, but I'll likely still carry it in my pocket because it makes a lot nicer pictures than my flip phone.