Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Town Hall

Did you manage to tune in to the CNN townhall featuring Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton?  CNN cut me off, saying I needed to pay someone some money to continue watching.  I got to the broadcast finally via the RawStory site.  Hard to understand how that all is supposed to work, or why we should put up with that kind of commercialization of political discourse.

Bernie delivered.

Hillary can't seem to give a straight answer to any question.  For instance, an audience member asked her how people could have confidence in her ability to avoid the kind of mistake she made in supporting the Iraq war.  Hillary conceded the mistake and then proceeded to blame George Bush for deceiving her as to the purpose of seeking the backing of Congress for his move against Iraq.  She gave no reason at all why anyone should believe that she would not make a similar blunder in the future.  Her answers to questions about campaign financing, medical marijuana and end of life assistance were similarly lacking in clarity.  What she seems to offer at bottom is an effort to put out fires as they appear.  Seems like a pretty flimsy platform for a presidential bid.

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