Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Decyphering Marinaleda

There is a fine new article at Design Observer about the Marinaleda rural cooperative of southern Spain by the journalist, Dan Hancox.  The author spent enough time in the place and talked to enough people living there to provide a more comprehensive view of the place than I have seen to date in other reports.  In addition to sorting out some of the generational issues of the residents, he also provides a good look at the challenges posed for the community by its connections to the wider world.

Hancox mentions a book about Marinaleda by the anthropologist, Félix Talego, Worker Culture, People Power and Messianic Leadership.  It looks to be worth a read, but I haven't yet found a copy available.  I did locate a student paper which references Talego's book and it can be accessed on line in pdf format:
MARINALEDA: UNA APROXIMACIÓN A SU ANTROPOLOGÍA ECONÓMICA Y POLÍTICA., by Silvia Mateo i Puente of the Universitat de Barcelona, Facultat de Geografia i Història.

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