Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thirty seconds over Alejandro

Our grandson's visit provided an opportunity to fly this Walmart micro helicopter, an Air Hogs Sharpshooter model.

I wasn't sure, judging from my own initial experience that the little chopper was a good choice for an impatient eleven-year-old. With just a little practice, however, he was able to fly the craft and control it much better than I. I was reminded of my own kids who, even when much younger, were out-performing me at Pac-Man in less than an hour.

The Sharpshooter proved to be a pretty stable flyer, though offering limited navigational control. It has taken a lot of hard knocks, but still gets airborne.

The charging port seems to have a short which turns on the motor unexpectedly, but that hasn't been a problem once you anticipate the thing trying to take off while you are in the process of connecting the cable. As I thought, the missle-firing capability proved to be an attractive feature. However, the craft flys poorly with the little plastic rockets in place. Small issues aside, however, it seems like a pretty nice toy at thirty bucks.

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